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Highlights for this week:

Friday, Nov 21

6:30 PM Youth Group

Saturday, Nov 22

10:30 AM Chinese Fellowship
6:00 PM Indian Curry Dinner

Sunday, Nov 23

9:00 AM Adult Bible Class
10:30 AM Worship Service — Pastor Peter will preach the last of 4 messages from John 3, in which we consider the choice of light or darkness. So far this month we have explored the person of Nicodemus (a Pharisee, Ruler and Teacher), we have considered God’s response to evil at the cross, and then last Sunday we embraced God’s love given in His Son Jesus. This week we finish this series by exploring our options to choose the light of God’s love or remain in the darkness.  There will be nursery for infants to age 2, children’s church up to Grade 5, and Bible  Class for Grades 6 to 8.
12:00 PM Handbell Rehearsal
12:00 PM Free lunch for university students and young adults
12:15 PM Korean Sermon Discussion

Monday, Nov 24

7:00 AM Prayer Group, Pastor Peter, Parlour
7:00 PM GriefShare
7:00 PM Timothy Group

Tuesday, Nov 25

9:30-11:30 AM ESL Conversational English Class
1:30 PM Bible Study, parlour, C Lovely’s group.
6:30 PM DivorceCare
7:00 PM Prayer Group, Roger Richardson, Welcome Centre

Wednesday, Nov 26

1:30 PM ABW Ferne Sewell Group.

Thursday, Nov 27

12:00-1:30 PM ESL Bible Study, Sue Oborn, Parlour
6:00 PM Orchestra Rehearsal
7:15 PM Choir Rehearsal